A job in surrogacy?! 

Long time, no blog. Life is busy ūüėÄ. We are traveling (for fun, work, and family), I’m weaning my kiddos in preparation for a January FET, and my husband and I are both training for races (10ks for me and a marathon for him). Our kids are doing amazing – saying 5-8 word sentences,  learning the colors and shapes and numbers and letters, and growing out of all their clothes. 

One major piece of news that I am excited to share (with anyone who is left reading this blog) is that I am going back to work! I wasent looking for a job, but something flexible and that I am excited about just fell into my lap! I will be working as an independent contractor for a surrogacy agency! I will be doing marketing, writing, Q and As, recruitment, and some client contract management eventually! 

You may remember (if you have been hanging out with me for years) that back when I worked at Planned Parenthood, one of my co workers in a different clinic location had been a surrogate twice. We got to talking about the process (since that involves IVF as well) and stayed in touch when I finally got pregnant and left PP. Meanwhile, she started her own surrogacy agency (the first one in Iowa) and worked as a surrogate again. She owns the agency and her bff is the cofounder and works for it but out of Oregon. So they were looking for someone based in Iowa to do some location dependent work, blogging, etc. 

This job feels like the perfect fit because because I have experience with infertility, public health, and writing. I have worked on sensitive things before like with planned parenthood and on Obamacare. I am sensitive to infertility and have gone through third party reproduction myself. Plus I love doing health fair type things and educating people, so I really do think this is going to be a great fit! 

It will start at 5-10 hours per week which will be great since my kids start Mother’s Day out in September! 

So friends, if you used a surrogate and would be willing to let me pick your brain on the process, please let me know! I would love to email you some questions or pick your brain on the phone so that I can learn as much as possible about this before I start!! 

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Guest post – IVF in 15 steps

Today I wrote a guest post for my friend Olivia’s blog. She and I met through the Quad City Moms Blog and she facilitates a Christian infertility support group in my town! She has a book coming out next month and is doing a series of posts on her blog featuring all kinds o infertility stories! Today I did an IVF 101 type post for her!

Check it out here!



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Donor situation mystery update 

So the other couple did not have a loss! They had a live birth of twins! Phew. Not thrilled that my donor agency could make a reporting error like that to me…but happy about the news! 

This summer has been full of running and traveling and time with family. Unfortunately my grandma was very ill with sepsis (she is 86) but is now home and getting better. Less than a week later we found out my dad needed another heart surgery (4th in as many years) but thankfully it went very smoothly! 

Avani is counting and doing her ABCs. She is still clingy and Very particular, but she is also getting better at sharing. She loves to color and swing and build with her blocks. 

Jeremiah is still so sweet and easy going. He loves any sports with balls, but particularly “hockey ball” and baseball. And he is obsessed with watching cars, trains, planes, choo choos etc. He is getting better at color recognition too! 

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QCMB Post – Have Pump, Will Travel!

Please check out my monthly post for the Quad Cities Moms Blog!

Tales of the Traveling Breastpump!

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My sisters annual appointment 

Here we are again. Take 4? I’m not even sure. My sisters AMH went up again! Now it’s 2.8. Not quite average for a 20 year old, but no where near 1.2 anymore either.  I guess this all goes to show why our team doesn’t give a great deal of credit to this test anyway. 

She went in for her transvaginal ultrasound and had something perfect like 33 or 37 follicles. Alrighty then! My RE said that there isn’t really anything else they can do at this point – my sister can still choose to freeze her eggs, or my RE can release her from her care, or she can continue to come back annually. My sister chose annually, which I think is a good call. 

Of course I still wish she has frozen her eggs two years ago when her AMH was low 1. Maybe this was all a false alarm, which I would be happy about. But of course my mom is now SURE the fuss was about nothing and it was all a mistake all along. I don’t know about that…but I am glad my sister chose continued monitoring and I understand why egg freezing is not even on the table anymore. 

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Donor situation mystery 

So late last week (or was it early this week?) I called ARR to ask a few questions. I wanted to know how many additional times our donor had cycled after us, if any other couples had done an FET, if the donor had had any live births and if there are any rules about doing an ancestry.com type DNA test on our kids. Mostly I wanted to find out how diligently our clinic keeps records on all this “stuff” years later and how many “half siblings” my kids have. 

I had a good conversation with a very pleasent rep. She said that we were our donors last cycle, so it was just the couple right ahead of us (who had a failed fresh and a successful FET and “graduated” from the clinic pregnant with twins). I was surprised and maybe slightly relieved that she hasent donated 4 more times. The fewer possibly siblings falling in love and not knowing the have the same donor fears, the better. 

The rep said she had no additional data about live births but took our information (she had our graduation with twins but not their birthdate or sexes) for the file and said she would make some calls to see if their had been any additional FETs. She would get the answer and email me back. 

She said that she would wait until her CEO came back from vacation to find out about asking the donor if she has had any children and about the ancestry.com question. 

I left the conversation feeling better than I expected. Yes, it seems they only collect and update this information when someone calls and asks, but she was very willing to make calls, ask questions, and get me the info I wanted. 

So, later than day she emailed me that, from our donor, there have been NO other live births, besides Jeremiah and Avani. None. 

So what does this mean? Does she have bad (or a lack of information) about the twins “ahead” of us. Or did that family lose those babies after their RE graduation? So devestating. 

I emailed back immediately to confirm and acknowledge that they probably can’t tell me details like a miscarriage or still birth etc but that I would like to confirm the number. I have not heard back.

I assume she is waiting to have her vacationing CEO handle this now. I will let you know what I hear. So bizarre. 

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“Love mommy”¬†

Today was one of those days that I will always remember. I was putting the kids to bed and, as usual, the last thing I said was “I love you Avani. I love you JD”. But today, instead of saying “bye” or “night night”, JD said “love mommy!” Be still, my heart. My son said he loves me. My life is complete. 

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