Silver linings of our premature birth experience 

check out my post on the Quad Cities Moms Blog today! I was nervous about this one because I didn’t want to down play the serious emotional (me) and physical (them) health consequences of prematurity, especially because some people had a much harder road than my kids!

We are off to Florida! We are driving to Ohare now and fly out in a few hours! B runs his half marathon on Saturday night! The weather is hot! 90 degrees! I can’t wait to eat and drink our way around the food and wine festival and watch our kids get excited to see Mickey and Pooh!  


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Last year I spent way too much on (three sets of) costumes! This year I “shopped” from the old dress up bin at my moms house and my kids own closest! They were a doctor and a tacky tourist! They dressed one way for our Stroller Strides class and party then switched the next day for trick or treating! They were adorable! I let them share one fun size package of M and Ms which turned them into crazy greedy sugar monsters. So that was the end of that!  


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My day in pictures…

in case you missed it on IG… 


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A day in the life 

today I am taking over the Quad Cities Moms Blog Instagram account to bring you pictures of my life! If you want to see a day in my life with 18 month old twins, follow along today @qcmomsblog on Instagram!  


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After all, I feel less alone 

When I decided to “come out” about my infertility and blog about it on the local city moms blog, my hope was that strangers (or maybe an acquaintance) would read my infertility and feel less alone. But so far in this experience, the person who feels less alone is me. 

Since disclosing my story to my and Brians extended families, four of our family members have shared their infertility journeys. Strangely, it is one from each side: a cousin in law from my dads side, an aunt in law on my moms side, a cousin on my husbands moms side and an aunt in law on my husbands dads side. When I decided to “come out” to these 100 family members before my first blog, I never imaged this outcome. I knew that Brians cousin had had two losses, and that was all 

When I was first diagnosed with POF, of course I felt alone. But ovar the years I have created my own support system – this blog, my family, and two support groups have stood by me for these years. I have had horrible moments, but I rarely felt alone. If you would have asked me two months ago if I needed more support and comraderie on this journey, I would have said no. 

But today, I feel even less alone and remarkably more understood. For the first time, I can see the 1 in 8 in my everyday life. My aunt understands that pregnancy announcements are painful for me. Brians aunt understands the stress and sacrifice of undergoing fertility treatment. My cousin in law totally gets the agony of month after month of negative home pregnancy tests. My support system has grown in a way I didn’t even know I needed, and it feels so good. 

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Pregnancy and infant loss 

Yesterday was pregnancy and infant loss awareness day. If you hold your child in your heart and not in your arms, I was thinking of you. 
I knew that this day would have a strong presence in my blog community, but I was shocked by how pervasive it was on social media among my “real life” friends. 1 in 4 was really ringing true for me yesterday. When I tabulate in my head all of the friends and family members who I know have lost babies, it makes sense. My best friend, my workout instructor, two old teammates, a cousin, many girls in my support groups…this tragedy has touched so many of the people I love. 

Sending love to you yesterday, today, and always. 

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Off the chart again 

Today my kids had their 18 month well check with our local pediatrician, plus a vaccine and flu shot. Once again Jeremiah found himself off the growth chart, but this time in the opposite direction. That’s right, his head is off-the-charts giant! Over the 100th percentile! Wow! That explains why he is trying to pronounce everything we say! The kid has a big brain! 

Seriously, I cannot believe how fortunate we are for their health, growth and development. I never imagined that my 3 lb, 29 week preemies would be so big and so almost-on-track for their age! (We just need to improve our block stacking and spoon usage!) I feel so fortunate.

There is no better way to celebrate my preemies victories than a March of Dimes fundraiser! Tonight Brian, my sister and my brother in law and I went to the Chefs Auction dinner! The theme was Mardi Gras! Yum! I am stuffed! There were 8 local chefs cooking up jambalaya and Cubans and creole and crawfish and shrimp every way, plus pralines and beneights! We didn’t win anything in the silent auction and we couldn’t hang with the big spenders in the live auction, but we had a blast! The event raised $125,000 and we came away with full bellies and these awesome masks!  


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