I know I am still infertile because…(take 2)

Today I am putting it all out there on the Moms Blog. My longtime readers have already seen a variation of this post. I actually wrote it almost two years ago when my kids were still in the NICU. Today an updated version is on the local moms blog. I am slightly nervous about putting so much of myself out there, but also excited to have finally published a deeply personal post about infertility after barely touching on it in most of my blogs there. I am most hesitant about saying that we have two remaining frozen embryos and the questions that may follow re: using them from family and friends. But what the hey. I decided to turn into an open book and it still feels like the right decision. 

My family and I just returned from a fabulous vacation. (Yes, Disney again). We went with our best friends from dental school (the ones who supported us during ivf, then had a loss at 13 weeks, and now have a one year old). It felt like such a seriously redemptive trip and I got so much joy out of watching the three kids play together. Here are a few pictures!  


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Natural IVF? 

Friends, my “new” support group is going strong! We just had our 7th (or is it 8th already?) monthly meeting and it was my largest one ever! 12 people! I am both sad that there are so many women going through infertility and thrilled that they have found the support of our group! 

I need help for a member. Have any of you done a “natural cycle” IVF? Basically the doctors use your natural menstrual cycle to plan the timing of the (FET) embryo transfer instead of controlling it with meds. I have a member considering this and would like to gather some info and experience for her! Please comment or email me at kimberlyqkim at gmail dot com. 


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My stats are booming?!!

My stats are booming? That’s not the notification you expect to get from WordPress when it’s been two months since your last decent post. But indeed, that’s what’s happening. Over the last week I have had four different days where my blog was getting 100+ hourly views (I average 2 lol). That means that somewhere out there a woman, likely recently diagnosed with POF or considering egg donation, has found my blog and is likely binge reading it cover to cover. That’s why I have to keep this page here. 
Even though I am an infrequent poster and most posts just include cute pictures, I can tell this page is still helping women when I receive those notifications. So here it will stay. Most of you can now keep up with my daily life on Facebook, Instagram and my QC Moms Blog posts (as so many of you already do), but this blog has to remain for the woman who just sat down with her doctor and received that very shocking news and started googling…  


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Post-nursing boobs…

Today on the Quad City Moms Blog, I am writing about my post-nursing boobs. Technically, my boobs aren’t even post-nursing yet, since my kids still breastfeed about 3 times a day. But my boobs have changed a lot and it was time to take action. I am very proud of this post and my decision to rid my self of my bras that no longer fit (for a great cause). Please check it out!


In other news, I haven’t blogged here in a month, but for good reason. My life is very full of things that make me happy right now. I am excited about my new blog endeavor because it is forcing me to write about new-motherhood topics and actually edit each piece. I just finished a 5 week workout class session and ran my 7th 5K of the year! I have maintained by 20lb weight loss and just started another 10 week session with my nutritionist. Last night was my “new” Resolve support group’s 6th meeting and we continue to gain new members (now I just wish we would graduate them faster…). I am in charge of a monthly cooking group that is making my life so much easier! My family has been on two trips in November (Florida and California). My husband and I have two date nights planned for next week (late-anniversary and my birthday!) My kids are running and problem solving and talking and sharing their toys. Life is good.

I still want to get more involved with the local Unitarian Universalist congregation we joined in March…I want to have more sex with my husband…I want to write more here…I want my kids to push each other less…and I REALLY want my kids to get sick less often (they seem to be making up for last’s years isolation by contracting EVERYTHING this year). But overall, I am very proud of the progress I have made since I wrote this post about my identity in August.

Thanks for hanging with me – those of you who have been through since post one 4 years ago and those of you who may be new. I value this place for self expression and reflection and I appreciate your support!


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Silver linings of our premature birth experience 

check out my post on the Quad Cities Moms Blog today! I was nervous about this one because I didn’t want to down play the serious emotional (me) and physical (them) health consequences of prematurity, especially because some people had a much harder road than my kids! 


We are off to Florida! We are driving to Ohare now and fly out in a few hours! B runs his half marathon on Saturday night! The weather is hot! 90 degrees! I can’t wait to eat and drink our way around the food and wine festival and watch our kids get excited to see Mickey and Pooh!  


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Last year I spent way too much on (three sets of) costumes! This year I “shopped” from the old dress up bin at my moms house and my kids own closest! They were a doctor and a tacky tourist! They dressed one way for our Stroller Strides class and party then switched the next day for trick or treating! They were adorable! I let them share one fun size package of M and Ms which turned them into crazy greedy sugar monsters. So that was the end of that!  


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