Why I loved my Facebook hiatus

I wrote a post for the local QCMB reflecting on my month+ without Facebook! I have been recommending this to the girls in my support group for years, and this was the first time I took my own advice. And it will definitely not be the last! Read it here!

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I put two 1-year-olds to bed tonight after a fun and family filled birthday party. When they wake up, I will have two 2-year-olds. I am the luckiest mama and this has been the most joyful, challenging, fun, exhausting and loving two years I could ever imagine. They are perfect and I am forever grateful to be their mom. Every injection and tear was worth it.  

(Sorry half of these are snapchat screen shots…I was trying to live in the moment at their party so I just grabbed these from my sisters videos)


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Potty training 

Yup, somehow we got to that stage! We have been hardcore potty training since Wednesday (using the book Oh Crap! Potty training as our guide). I go back and forth between loosing my freaking mind and being thrilled at their progress. I knew I would be the lead potty trainer as the SAHP, but I didn’t expect B to get pneumonia (poor guy), so it’s been a long week of truly doing this on my own. Thankfully my mom has come over twice while the kids napped so I could go for a run (while re listening to the book on tape!) which has been a sanity saver. Today is day 5 and we will be trying “block3” (short trips – to my moms 2 miles away!) for the the first time! Wish us luck! 

If you have been missing seeing pictures of my kids during my Facebook hiatus (which is going amazing and feels amazing, btw), here is some cuteness to tide you over!  


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Moms Blog: How I became a runner by jogging for 60 seconds!

Check out today’s post on the QCMB! I am really enjoying this gig because it forces me to reflect on different parts of motherhood and write a concise (and edited!) piece once a month with a purpose!


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I know I am still infertile because…(take 2)

Today I am putting it all out there on the Moms Blog. My longtime readers have already seen a variation of this post. I actually wrote it almost two years ago when my kids were still in the NICU. Today an updated version is on the local moms blog. I am slightly nervous about putting so much of myself out there, but also excited to have finally published a deeply personal post about infertility after barely touching on it in most of my blogs there. I am most hesitant about saying that we have two remaining frozen embryos and the questions that may follow re: using them from family and friends. But what the hey. I decided to turn into an open book and it still feels like the right decision. 

My family and I just returned from a fabulous vacation. (Yes, Disney again). We went with our best friends from dental school (the ones who supported us during ivf, then had a loss at 13 weeks, and now have a one year old). It felt like such a seriously redemptive trip and I got so much joy out of watching the three kids play together. Here are a few pictures!  


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Natural IVF? 

Friends, my “new” support group is going strong! We just had our 7th (or is it 8th already?) monthly meeting and it was my largest one ever! 12 people! I am both sad that there are so many women going through infertility and thrilled that they have found the support of our group! 

I need help for a member. Have any of you done a “natural cycle” IVF? Basically the doctors use your natural menstrual cycle to plan the timing of the (FET) embryo transfer instead of controlling it with meds. I have a member considering this and would like to gather some info and experience for her! Please comment or email me at kimberlyqkim at gmail dot com. 


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My stats are booming?!!

My stats are booming? That’s not the notification you expect to get from WordPress when it’s been two months since your last decent post. But indeed, that’s what’s happening. Over the last week I have had four different days where my blog was getting 100+ hourly views (I average 2 lol). That means that somewhere out there a woman, likely recently diagnosed with POF or considering egg donation, has found my blog and is likely binge reading it cover to cover. That’s why I have to keep this page here. 
Even though I am an infrequent poster and most posts just include cute pictures, I can tell this page is still helping women when I receive those notifications. So here it will stay. Most of you can now keep up with my daily life on Facebook, Instagram and my QC Moms Blog posts (as so many of you already do), but this blog has to remain for the woman who just sat down with her doctor and received that very shocking news and started googling…  


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